After hearing your music I fell in love. It was as if each phrase referred directly to me, as if you knew my fears, my joys and my loves. Then I had the opportunity to meet you and this was certainly the best day of my life. Because I love you so much. I love you more than anything. I admire your work and you as a person.
One love. A dream
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My videos from my Selena Gomez Stars Dance Tour experience.

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It’s been such a transitional year for me—I moved out of my parents’ house this year and into my own place. I also took my first break ever and have been using the time to really concentrate on what makes me happy. Sometimes, I’ll be honest, I don’t handle all of this as well as people think, so it’s been important to really figure out what makes me feel grounded.

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Eu me excluo quando percebo que não faz diferença eu estar ali ou não.

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  • Me: i met a boy
  • Me (two days later): nevermind